National Waste Management, Inc.
Charles W. Teelon, President
About Our Founder
Charles W. Teelon

Mr. Teelon was born in 1930, the son of a dairy farmer in rural upstate New York.  He spent
four years in the US Navy culminating in serving on the USS Midway during the Korean
conflict before being honorably discharged in 1952.  Mr. Teelon went on to a job as Sr.
Analyst of Production and Planning at Bendix Aviation before joining the New York State
Police as a motorcycle officer.  Ultimately Mr. Teelon reached the level of Sr. Investigator for
the Bureau of Criminal Investigation before retiring after 21 years with the State Police.  
From there Mr. Teelon spent several years working for the United States Treasury as Special
Agent in Charge for the Bureau of the Mint where he acted as Deputy Chief of Security.  His
other responsibilities included being Chief of Occupational Safety and Health for the Bureau
of the Mint; including the US Assay Office, Ft. Knox, the Mint and Office of Treasury
Headquarters in Washington DC, and the Mints in West Point, Denver, San Francisco, and

In the mid-1970’s Mr. Teelon organized a small, one county one truck residential trash
collection business in upstate New York known as Ulster County Sanitation.  The name was
later changed to Ulster Sanitation and over time Mr. Teelon expanded the business to
include commercial and industrial waste services to over 15 upstate counties.  By the late 90’
s Mr. Teelon had grown this small shoestring business into a multi-million dollar organization,
acquiring more than 60 small businesses along the way.  By this time Ulster Sanitation
included more than 100 trash trucks and coupled the trash collection business with paper
shredding, landfills, interstate trucking, roll-off service, transfer stations and recycling
facilities.  Ulster Sanitation was valued at over $70,000,000 by the time it was sold off in
sections to organizations including Waste Management, United Waste, Eastern
Environmental and Casella Waste Systems.

Still retaining paper shredding, gravel and crushed stone, roll-off service and landfill
enterprises, Mr. Teelon expanded to Florida in the late 1990’s establishing National Waste
Management.  The Florida market included landfills and transfer stations, roll-off service,
disaster recovery, and hazardous waste removal statewide.  Mr. Teelon also extended his
Florida ventures to include land development and commercial building, with environmentally
friendly projects including DRA’s and recycling.  National Waste Management provides top
quality services to the Federal Government and Municipalities in addition to developers and
other waste and environmental management entities, and Mr. Teelon applies the high
standards he has developed throughout his lifetime of service to each and every project he
takes on.  National Waste Management employs trained and highly skilled and professional
individuals in each of its varied departments, who are committed to providing the highest
quality of service.  National Waste Management has on-staff attorneys and accountants to
assist in providing fast and efficient service to all of its customers.